Slavic Church began its existence in the lower Manhattan in 1919 of several immigrant families from Russia, Ukraine and other Slavic people. One of the founders of the Church was Ivan T. Voronaev (Nikita Petrovich Cherkasov). 


In the early 20th century in America resumed apostolic movement of the Holy Spirit. One of the first Slavic people baptized with the Holy Spirit was the daughter of his brother Voronaev. Brother Voronaev born in Russia in the Orenburg region. Voronaev was Orthodox up to 22 years old. In 1907, when he served in the army in Tashkent, he turned to God and became a Baptist missionary, conducting missionary work among the Russians. In 1912, after threats of his life, he immigrated to the United States, to California, where he led a small Russian church. 


In 1919 he moved with his brother Voronaev family to New York, where he first heard of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. First, he rejected this doctrine, but when his daughter Vera personally experienced baptism of Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues, he began to pray about it and he also received the gift of tongues. In 1919 Voronaev's brother and 19 of his associates founded the first Russian Pentecostal Church in New York City. They rented a place from the Church in Lower Manhattan on 6th street. God has blessed the church, which was spreading at an immense pace among Slavic people: Ukrainians, Russian, Polish, etc.


In 1920, brother Voronaev with three brothers left New York at the call of the Lord, went to Ukraine to preach the gospel. Later, Slavic Pentecostal church grew and divided into Russian-speaking church, which bought building on 12th Street in Manhattan, and Ukrainian-speaking church. 


Ukrainian-speaking church, which was officially called First Ukrainian Evangelical Pentecostal Church, purchased the building on 7th Street in 1937. Church entered an alliance Asambly of God in 1960 and changed its name to Fist Ukrainian Assembly of God. From 1976 to 2013, served as pastor Anatoliy Yaruczyk. Currently, Ivan Belets is serving as a pastor.



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